Through the window…of reason



Anyway, after a few mornings of tying up the blind, I realize something very interesting. Guess what? I did the same! I tied up the blind but didn’t open the window! Needless to say, this brought me back to how the blind was pulled but window left closed. Hm.
And this analogy is going somewhere…I am thinking that sometimes we are so focused on one thing that we neglect the next thing that seem natural to do. Perhaps there was a purpose to the window being left for me to open. I love looking out that window, into the garden and the things growing, birds feeding, zagadas frolicing etc. Inspiration flows through that window. The analogy is taking shape now..umhm.

Recently I reached out to another Caribbean author, one who has just won an award. I reached out because the novel touches on one of the topics touched in my book. I purchased this book and started reading it. So naturally, I wanted to introduce him to mine. When he didn’t reply to any of my messages, comments or links, like many others, I felt a bit disheartened , just for a little bit. Wondering why. We are both Caribbean authors, bringing our local characters to the pages, telling stories our local people want to read. Was he too busy, not interested, or perhaps my messages got hidden lost or something. But looking at his friends, the ones commenting on his book, it struck me that they might also like Force Ripe! Ah ha! So I started connecting with some of them. And I realize, just like the window was left for me to open, so I can feel the fresh morning breeze, look out there and soak up the inspiration nature offers me , just so my guardian angel has directed me, to, and through his FB page, to take the next track, next road on this journey. This morning I was reminded yet again, about the PURPOSE. We don’t always see it right away. Often others have to remind us, but it is there. There is a reason for things.  reason1

As Writers/authors, we are fed lots of stuff … the rules… what you have to do to get to here, there or wherever. We have to attract and try to hook a certain calibre of readers/writers, with certain connections, to get the right reviews, so you can get into the right periodicals, climb onto the “right platforms”. I do what I feel the inspiration and drive to do, but I really don’t like to conform to that trend or ideology or whatever it is. Right now, there’s a lot of revolutions taking place, not only in the political arena, but the literary world as well. Just look at where Force Ripe got to without a traditional publisher! Perhaps it’s time for a change. My readers are mostly the everyday, ordinary people, with whom some part of Force Ripe resonates. Their reviews are as important to me as the one from the intellect who can analyze and give a whole commentary in literary language, even in just four words to simply says, “I love that book”.