Mango season

mango season I just finished sucking two little mango Julie, thanks to my neighbours mango tree and the fact  that they never bother with it much. Just two you know, even though is mango season and mango spoiling some places- only flies and congeries feasting them. I wish I could sit down and lick up a whole wash-pan (wash basin) everyday, but I still find myself having to ration the few I does get, because my daughter love them even more then me.

When I was a little girl, when mango in season we living in the garden, under mango trees. Whole day we liming in the garden until they call us to come and eat, but we bellies always full of mangoes. We had two mango Julie in the garden and the Mango Row – the boundary between our land and the neighbour’s land. The mango row stared up by the road, with a mango Flim- a long juicy green-skin mango that even nicer when you squeeze it up to make tuturups (soft, runny), followed by three mango coot that nobody studying unless mango scarce. Then the mango starchy- small, sweet and clean to eat. After the starchy, was the mango sour-sweet. That was my favourite because were the prettiest mangoes in the Row- sunshine yellow with red, purple, green spots. And couldn’t have been more aptly named, because you could bite into such juicy sweetness that soon turns into the most mouth-watering, teeth edging sourness you ever tasted, by the time you get to the seed. I used to collect them just to look at them. Then more mango coot, making more mess on the road and the ravine at the bottom of the land.

There was a coconut row along the mango row too, and we cashew, guava, golden apples, damson, oranges , manderines, plums – because Papa planted every fruit he could get hold of. And people never used to have to buy mangoes like now. So when we get tired with the mango row, we used to go up the road in mango Warwood, in Mr Georgie land, or the Palrie by Uncle Maurice.
So yes, is mango season now, and all I seeing is flies and congeries and not enough mangoes, unless I go by MNIB and force myself to buy some of them Force Ripe one they have there.

But hear nuh, me and my son just planted two mango Julie in the garden, and when I tell him I want one in the front garden, he reminding me of all the mangoes falling and the flies and congeries they gonna attract. And I had to let him know that I have no intension of letting any mango fall and spoil. I can’t wait for maturity. How long they does take again? Because I does see some little little mango trees bearing fruits when their branches not even strong enough to hold leaves! But all I know is I not letting NONE spoil. Cant wait! I turning down all pots when they start, and is mango stew, chutney, jam, mango cheese. I making mango pie and all! And when they too soft- mango juice and smoothies. I might even have a grandchild or two by that time, so we could full up we wash pan and sit down on me green bench under the Neem and lick up mango till we get shittings!! Haha. No siree, no mango Julie en spoiling on my front garden.


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