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DSC_0053 Saturday’s Book launch or should I say celebration of Force Ripe was as I wanted it to be.  Perfect venue -at
, the Priory House on Church Street- picturesque setting with the harbour lights and sparkling water in the  background, family, friends and well wishers finding a space in the garden to share this  experience with me. I don’t want to call it a ceremony, but a celebration. It was short and  sweet, down to earth and rootsy, full of sharing, laughter yet so turgid with emotions, that I  felt my heart almost physically bursting. And I have a feeling I am not the only one.

And so I would like to thank everyone one who took the time to come out and share this experience with me. I appreciate you being there and I loved the way it turned out. Thank you Raelene Lazarus, my MC for the evening, among other roles which she just fitted very nicely into. I appreciate you and the help you have been giving, asking nothing in return except that I do what it takes to succeed and “play it forward”- this I could work with.

My Son Brendon who is my graphics artist, thank so much for your artistic input and for being there with me all the way. Kamilah my daughter, shying away in the background, but I know you are with me. My other son Gino, though you were abscent, my launch in your birth month is my thanks to you as a mother. My partner of 17 years, Richard Worth, who has financed my creative indulgence in this writing thing and who did the formatting and other technical support, to take me through the final leg of publication, thank you. Marcelle Toussaint, always there and behind me, encouraging me, you are my Earth mother, I give thanks. Ama, ( Judy Antoine), my spiritual sister, my friend, my listener. Your presentation, the words which you shared, no one could have said it better. Thank you for digging deep. Oonya Kempadoo, thank you for being such a strong literary pillar in our society and no one could have endorsed Force Ripe as powerfully as you did! I thank you. Kriss  Davies for reading and re-reading my manuscript and offering very constructive critique/ Thank you for believing in me and for being there to support. Eudine Robertson, who despite her family crisis, made it to the celebration. I appreciate your effort and thanks for supporting. Cleopatrice Andrews thank you for reading and sharing Force Ripe with others. Thank you for blending my vision with your special skills and inspiration to create my glorious outfit. I love it! Patricia Walcott, thank you for being so attentive, for your “full of verve spirit” and your very encouraging comments. Anthea Smith, for your strong back up, I know you are there in spirit and solidarity too. Thank you Sarah and Steve for being there to support and for taking the photos of the evening. I am very grateful! The members of the Writers Association of Grenada (WAG) and special mention to Cemal for all the information he shared and Liz for reading and reviewing Force Ripe. All other friends and family who came to share this experience, my brother Raul, Deyna, Shelly, Kathyann, Gus and Annette, Theresa, my neighbour and her friend, and everyone else, big thank you. Myrna Charles for catering. Not forgetting a little personal touch which topped off the evening, Force Ripe branded cupcakes by my Sister- in- Law Deyna. Thank you so much. It was special. The evening was special. What more could I ask for. I feel blessed. Thanks you all .

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  1. Grace Patrick says

    Sorry I took so long to respond to you but i don’t really have access to a computer. I truly enjoyed this book! Marvelous achievement! Pure Grenadian delight. I read it… never wanting it to finish. Reminiscing with Lee on how sweet this island is. Its remarkable just how life can go from innocence to being fully aware in the blink of an eye. Nice to get also a glimpse into history again. When it ended i was begging for more! At the end I cried with Lee at once again finding some sort of stability full circle right back to the “ghetto”! Wonderful job Cindy!

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